How to Choose the Best software for restaurant management for Your Multi-Outlet Food Business?

The software for restaurant management plays a major role in dominating the food industry business. Choosing the perfect software for your food business is quite harder and difficult to find without knowing some key points. But don’t worry here in this blog, I will walk you through all the aspects of choosing the right and perfect software for restaurant management for your multi-unit and multi-channel food business.

Your restaurant kitchen is that necessary part of your restaurant that single-handedly determines the success of your restaurant. It includes various management tasks such as ingredients management, price structure management, recipe management, events management, inventory management, etc.

Most successful food businesses are now multi-unit businesses. This means you are cooperating with various stakeholders who each have their particular responsibilities to focus on.

The marketing director works with the orders and customers, the CFO reviews the profit and loss statements, the executive chef works in the recipes and menus, the inventory manager controls the stocks, and items, the distribution manager will take care of catering, and so on.

So, there will be more complicated problems that may happen, if there is no interlink. here, the software for restaurant management plays a major role and it will solve the problem of interlink and the coordinators can work togetherly from anywhere.

If you run a food business or multi-outlet restaurant, the key metrics you focus on are efficiency, productivity, production consistency, cost management, operational perfection, etc. 

But there is a lot more software out there. The challenge you face will be the selection process. Here are the key points to find and select your perfect management software.

Here are the top 5 features you should examine while choosing software for restaurant management.

#1 Outlet Management

The Restaurant management that you are going to select should have the option for adding and managing the outlets of your food business. 

Also, the software should have an option for manage sessions, categories, etc. This gives you to manage every outlet as your own in a single software. Mostly it comes under a menu called registration which includes some registration options such as my profile, master data, outlet management, session management, managing category, etc. 

software for restaurant management

#2 Ingredients Management

Ingredient management is the main task that performs most of the time in your software. At the first time, there will be the need to add ingredients to the menu to add them to your recipes. 

The data you are entering on the tab will be the master data for recipes management, cost analysis, & outlet dish maintenance. The software for restaurant management may also need the option to view all the ingredient reports. 

#3 Inventory Management

Inventory management is the essential feature of the software for restaurant management to know the amount of food left, profit margins, the cost of food, etc. The feature works efficiently and helps you know about the stocks and keep track of all the inventories.

Get real-time stock updates and stock value calculations. Improve accuracy, and it saves a bunch of time on stock counts and some other inventory works. Keep track of internal orders by digitally managing stock transfers between outlets.

software for restaurant management

#4 Order / Event Management

The event management portal of the software for restaurant management should be simple enough for both management and the server. The event management task will help you to maintain the orders and events particular recipes in an ordered and structured way to reduce the pressure when it comes to more orders. 

Choosing good software for restaurant management helps in managing a high volume of orders from multiple outlets at the same time. This helps you to maintain all incoming data in one place.

#5 Cost Management

The software for restaurant management has main tasks to deal with cost management. Cost management for a restaurant business is the heart of the business. It plays many roles such as menu book costing, ingredients costing, order costing, item & purchase costing, and etc.

The costs are one-time entries in the software for restaurant management, where all other cost estimations will be determined by the cost that has been entered before. The restaurant management software will have costing reports & charts to determine the workflow of your business. And also there will be an option to edit or change the cost whenever the price change.

software for restaurant management


These are the factors or key points you should listen to while choosing the perfect software for restaurant management for your food business. Delving research & development creates a unique restaurant management software called I Chef. I Chef is a great software for restaurant management that was specially designed and implemented with a lot of suggestions and feedback from top professional chefs. There are many food business owners and masters who are using I Chef and getting the maximum utilization using our software. we recommend you take a free demo with our technical team to fully understand the process flow of the I Chef and there are also options for manipulating or customizing based on your requirements and business flow. Click here to book a free demo.